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Here at Mantooth Company, we just so happen to be experts at creating beautiful, useful branded items for our clients. Take a look at this gallery for examples of a few of our recent projects! ‍

Mantooth Company is a full-service marketing agency, which means that our team often has the privilege of being involved in fun projects for our incredible clients. While we enjoy working with our clients on social media content, website development, printed advertisements, and even special events, there’s something we especially love about creating unique branded items for our clients. 

Have you ever received a free piece of gear – maybe a hat, a coffee mug or a t-shirt – and you find yourself using it often (and thinking about the company which gave it to you, as well)? When businesses create and give away branded items, they are using what has proven to be an incredibly effective method of marketing. Branded promotional items serve to spread awareness and create brand recognition, and even drive customer loyalty! What’s more, creating and distributing branded items can be done on a relatively small budget – and it often brings about incredible results! Research actually shows that more than 80% of promotional products are used for more than one year. Talk about an effective marketing strategy!

Branded items can be practically anything you’d like – while everyday objects such as t-shirts and hats may be most common, it’s possible to put your brand’s logo on anything from wine glasses and blankets to sunglasses and fanny packs. Creativity and functionality are important to consider when it comes to designing branded gear – more people will be exposed to your brand if the items are likely to be used in everyday life!

If you’d like to spread the word about your company, products or services, creating branded promotional items can be an effective (and fun!) way to do so. 

Here at Mantooth Company, we just so happen to be experts at creating beautiful, useful branded items for our clients. Take a look at the gallery below for examples of a few of our recent projects! 

Mantooth Company kicked off 2022 with a full rebrand, and we had tons of fun creating branded items for our team to use around the office. The notepads and pens have come in handy nearly every day since they were delivered!
While a branded beer is slightly outside of our normal scope of work, we had an absolute blast working with Horse & Dragon Brewing CompanyHouska Automotive to create a special drink for Houska’s 70th anniversary. Learn more about the collaboration process by watching this video!
These cups we created for Waypoint Bank change color depending on the temperature of the beverage inside – how cool is that?
This branded tablecloth we designed for Coyote Gold is the perfect addition to their event setup – visitors will recognize the Coyote Gold brand before they even take their first sip of margarita!
When creating branded merchandise, it’s important to consider who will be using your product. This water bottle, which we created for Valor Elite Training, is the perfect example of providing merchandise that your clients will actually use!
Big O Tires certainly knows how to create fun (and functional) branded items! The ice scraper may be the most practical, but we think that the “Little O” plush doll might be our favorite item. ;) 
We can put a logo on just about anything – we always encourage our clients to think outside the box of standard branded t-shirts and tote bags. These golf balls we created for John Hanrahan at The Group are a fantastic example of bringing creativity and personality to your company’s branded merchandise!

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