The Mantooth Company's Rebrand: Why the New Look?


The COVID-19 pandemic provided the opportunity for Mantooth to reassess the work we do and want to do in the future. We changed our look and took events out of our portfolio, but we are still the same company that has been passionately assisting businesses with their marketing needs in the Northern Colorado community.

We are proud to introduce you to Mantooth Company’s energetic new look! As we step into this new season as a company, we’d love to give you a peek into our history, the motivation behind our rebrand, and our trajectory moving forward. We may have changed our look, but never fear – Mantooth is still home to the mighty team you have come to trust with all of your marketing needs.

The idea behind Mantooth’s rebrand came in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak. The pandemic presented businesses around the world with unique opportunities to adapt and change – Mantooth was one such company. Connie Hanrahan, Mantooth’s founder, made the decision to eliminate “events” from both the company name and its portfolio of offerings. With some exceptions (such as our beloved Lagoon Summer Concert Series and select events for marketing clients), the Mantooth team no longer focuses on public events.

Our new look is not simply a rebrand; it is also a refocus on what Mantooth does best – getting our clients the attention they deserve through strong marketing efforts. What was once Mantooth Marketing & Events Company is now simply “The Mantooth Company.” This name change represents a return to Mantooth’s roots–The Mantooth Company was our name when Connie first opened Mantooth’s doors in November of 1995.

Have you ever wondered what our name means? Mantooth actually means “strong lead”– it is translated from Cherokee and honors our owner’s heritage.

“Mantooth was built on working with like-minded people with like-minded goals,” reminisces Connie. “We’ve always held onto that. But like any company, there could have been times over the past 27 years where we lost our way and worked with someone who didn’t fit this description. This happens a lot when companies grow.”

By going back to our roots, Mantooth is sticking to what we do best – marketing – while working with clients who have an appreciation for our efforts. If you are looking for a true partner – rather than an outsider – to work with for all of your marketing needs, then you are our ideal client. The Mantooth Company team understands the importance of working with like-minded people and businesses as clients.

With this return to our heritage, Mantooth is now able to work more closely and personally with its beloved marketing clients. “In making this decision to rebrand and refocus, I felt energized about the next few years and what could be,” says Connie. “The new design of our brand shows lots of movement – all upward.”

The Mantooth Company team is energized as we step into this new season. With a renewed sense of purpose, a simpler business model (and of course beautiful new branding elements), we are ready to continue doing what we do best – telling our clients’ stories through strong leadership, strong relationships and strong strategy.

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