Who’s Telling Your Story?

Every business has a story. How you got started, what you stand for, and where you are headed are all aspects that make up your company’s unique story. At Mantooth, we love hearing our clients’ personal journeys that have made them (and continue to make them) the fabulous, community-oriented business everyone knows and loves.

However, a business’s story is only good as their public relations team. Mantooth knows that PR is much more than writing a press release and sending it out into the abyss. It’s about constantly digging into those unique angles that set businesses apart and sharing them with the right storytellers in the community. Here is a bit of insight into our process:

Timing is Everything

If you send out a press release too soon, the media will forget about it. If you send it out too late, the media won’t have any room to include it. We find that golden balance based on the type of news you have to share, as well as our personal relationship with the media gatekeeper you are trying to reach. And just as a side note – refrain from sending out press releases on Friday afternoons. Does anyone do work on Friday afternoons?

How Often is Too Often?

You know that relative who tends to get on your nerves because they call every single day to share a tidbit of meaningless drama? Don’t be that relative to your local media scene. When it comes to contacting the media with your latest business news, we believe in quality over quantity. Make sure your press outreach efforts align closely with your overall marketing and branding strategy so that you can garner purposeful media coverage. We’d recommend limiting the number of press releases to one or two per month for a typical business.

Know Who You’re Talking To

You may have heard us say it a time or two, but Mantooth is full of relationship builders. We don’t just send out a press release to a few general email addresses – our team has developed rapport with media gatekeepers across northern Colorado. Media heads recognize our names when they see an email from us, and we keep tabs on what makes it in the news so we have an idea of what constitutes a newsworthy tidbit. Because we really take the time to tell your story, Mantooth has a 98 percent pickup rate.*

Newsworthy or Not Really?

Not sure if something qualifies as newsworthy? No problem, our team can help you decide that. Although you can’t exactly write a formula for newsworthiness because each business is unique, there are certain pegs that generate more coverage than others. For example, community events, large-scale fundraisers and new business openings usually catch the eyes of local media.

Our team has been telling clients’ stories for more than 20 years because we want everyone in our community to know why they are so important. If your business has a story that needs telling, give us a shout!

*Defining a media pickup as coverage in at least one (but oftentimes many more!) valuable news source(s)

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