Mantooth Service Spotlight: SEO Offerings

Search engine optimization is the backbone of organic search rankings. The primary purpose of SEO services is to optimize the visibility of your website. This can include on-site content as well as back end planning. In order to drive substantial traffic to your website, your pages’ elements need to be optimized. Luckily, Mantooth offers a portfolio of services to help you do just that:

Keyword Research

Keyword research is an initial step in the SEO process. It all starts with a word typed into a search engine box, and you want to be a top result for that search. But just as important as being a top result is being a result for the RIGHT keywords for your business. Mantooth will conduct extensive keyword research and compile a curated list of keywords that will best benefit your business.

Initial On-Site Content Optimization

Content is the king of SEO. On-site content optimization handles your websites pages, meta tags, content, titles and structure to make sure they are matched up directly with your primary keywords. Our team will audit your website’s current content and make changes that will benefit your page ranking.

Bad Link Cleanup

Unfortunately, not all links are created equal. Bad links can sink your website’s page ranking, undoing all the hard work that has been put into your SEO! Our team will monitor all backlinks to your site and ensure that penalties and other counterproductive consequences are avoided.

Directory Submissions

Directory submissions provide your website with high quality, spam-free backlinks.  There is also the added benefit of establishing a presence in massive directory databases.

XML Sitemaps

A sitemap provides information to a search engine about URLs on your website that are meant to be “crawled.” This helps the search engine understand your website and will increase your page ranking accordingly.

Adaptation to Search Engine Ranking Updates

The rules of the SEO game are constantly changing. Google and other major search engine are constantly tweaking their algorithms and adjusting what their “spiders” are looking for. Our team will adjust their approach to ensure that your page ranking does not falter with these changes.

Google Analytics Account Management

Google Analytics provides a plethora of statistics for your website. These include page views, bounce rate, site visits, average time on site, percentage of new visitors and more. Our team will create an account for your business and leverage this information to further bolster your SEO.

Monthly Ranking Reports and Updates

Every month, our team will cultivate a monthly report outlining your SEO performance. This can include average organic rankings, site visit percentages and much more. This is our way of showing you how your website’s SEO health is doing.

SEO is an integral part of successful digital marketing. Each business is unique, and Mantooth is committed to analyzing and presenting the best possible solution to help your business succeed.

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