Mantooth Holiday Memories


The holiday season evokes memories for us all. At Mantooth Company, we took a trip down memory lane and asked our staff and interns to share some favorite memories and holiday traditions.

Connie – Chief Relationship Strategist
When my mother was alive she always told me that each pretty light at Christmas meant that a dream was coming true. When my husband and I first married, after hearing this story, he put 100 lights on a tree in our backyard. Over the many years we’ve been married, he now hangs over 7,000 lights in our yard reminding me that dreams come true.

Morgan – Interactive Media Strategist
My favorite Christmas memory is going to Arizona and going to my cousins Laura’s house. She was a great cook and always did everything-over-the top. I loved watching Christmas movies and opening our stockings from her. She worked at Wrigley, so she had all the new candy and we loved trying all the new stuff.

Rachel – Special Events Intern
My favorite memory is when my grandpa would sneak away when the family was opening presents, dress up as Santa, and come back down and give presents out to the family as Santa. It was always really fun to watch my little cousins get really excited that Santa was there.

Olivia – Graphic Design Coordinator
Mine is probably baking cookies with my mom and aunt using my great grandma’s recipes or playing the pickle hunt game with my family when I was younger.

Mishelle – Communications and Marketing Maven
One of my favorite holiday traditions is celebrating on Christmas Eve as an homage to my Norwegian and Swedish grandparents. They always served Swedish potato sausage and oyster stew for Christmas Eve, along with Scandinavian cookies. I continue this tradition with my children, though we have lobster bisque, Norwegian lefse topped with Norwegian caramelized goat and lingonberries, our version of peanut butter and jelly.

Ellie – Marketing Communications Strategist      My favorite Christmas tradition is celebrating with my family by staying in our pajamas all Christmas day then going to get hot chocolate, driving around and seeing the Christmas lights in the evening. Really, my favorite thing about the holiday is just getting to spend time with my loved ones.

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