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"Mantooth entrusts our interns with a lot more client work than a lot of other places. But we also have a lot of high-quality interns where we can feel comfortable doing that...”

Since the beginning of Mantooth, 26 years ago, interns have been an integral part of our day to day, yearly and overall goals. We are fortunate to have worked with over 125 interns from universities all over the US, helping each gain real-world experience in marketing and events. Our interns play a critical role in many projects at Mantooth as each intern works closely with our full-time staff. Interns are considered part of our team from day one. Mantooth interns decide how much they want to learn given the opportunities presented to help prepare them for success in their future industry.

Being located in Fort Collins means that most of our interns are also students at Colorado State University. This fall semester, all of our interns are in their fourth year at CSU. Ian Schutt, our Digital Media intern, specializes in photography, videography, and social media content generation both internally and externally. Olivia Johnson, our Design intern, focuses a lot on social media, ad layout, brand guideline development, and other design tasks as they come up for clients. Rachel Rasmussen, our Events intern, works on event planning which includes execution, logistics, sponsorship outreach and promotion for Mantooth’s various events throughout the year. Avery Arnold, our Marketing intern, focuses on generating social media, blog, e-news, website updates, as well as just being the one that will jump in no matter the task before her. Our interns also help with administrative tasks, day-of event staffing, and attend both staff and client meetings.

“Mantooth entrusts our interns with a lot more client work than a lot of other places. But we also have a lot of high-quality interns where we can feel comfortable doing that,” said Ellie Crowley, Marketing and Communications Project Manager. “Overall, our interns are an integral part of the business.”

While we do expect our interns to perform with diligence and dependability, we also know that most of the time they are full-time students first and foremost. Therefore, we never expect them to change their priorities on our behalf. We try to create a work environment centered around learning that allows our interns to develop their skills and ask questions without the pressure of perfection on the first try.

“When I applied to intern at Mantooth, I was nervous because I didn’t know how to do some of the tasks mentioned in the application so I didn’t know if I would get the internship,” Rachel Rasmussen said. “But the full-time staff has been very patient and nice in teaching me how to do certain tasks that has helped me prepare for life after college.”

We are proud of our internship program and thankful for all of our interns that were with us the past 26 years, those working with us currently and for those that will join us in the future. Interested in applying? We will always take your resume for our files, but we typically hire on a semester basis. Check our website and LinkedIn regularly for updates.

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