Clients Make the Most of a New Local Ordinance


We have found that it is important for retailers to find fun and fresh ways to stay engaged with their customers -- here's how two of our clients are doing exactly that!

If you’ve spent any time in Fort Collins in the past year, you’re probably aware that single-use plastic bags are difficult to come by – grocery stores now only offer brown paper bags, and must impose a 10-cent fee for each one. The Mantooth team is excited about this Disposable Bag Ordinance, which has already helped to fight against the issue of plastic pollution here in this beautiful state that we call home. What’s more, we’ve also gotten quite good at remembering to bring our reusable bags with us when we go to the grocery store! We especially love to rep tote bags bearing the logos of our clients and our favorite local businesses.

Starting this month, retailers – not just grocery stores – are also required to charge the 10-cent bag fee. We know full well that while fighting against plastic waste is a good thing, a bag fee might be inconvenient to some retailers and their customers. We feel that it is important for retailers to think outside the box and find fun and fresh ways to stay engaged with their customers in the midst of a change such as this.

We wanted to take a moment to highlight two of our clients who have done an excellent job using this new Disposable Bag Ordinance to promote their business. 

First up, Ace Hardware of Fort Collins is hosting a fun event on Saturday, January 14 and Sunday, January 15. They’re celebrating the New Year, and thanking their customers for shopping locally by hosting a special deal: the first 150 customers each day will receive a FREE custom Ace Hardware Colorado reusable bag. What’s more, anyone who receives or purchases a reusable Ace Hardware bag gets 20% off nearly everything that fits in the bag! 

We love how Ace Hardware of Fort Collins took this new ordinance and turned it into a fun event where their customers feel celebrated and are given a chance to save on some of their favorite products. 

Secondly, our client Valor Elite Training kept the Disposable Bag Ordinance in mind when planning their end-of-year client gifts. At the end of 2022 (in preparation for the January 1st ordinance) clients of Valor Elite Training were gifted a tote bag bearing Valor Elite’s logo, and inside each bag was a set of inspirational quotes branded with Valor Elite’s logo and colors. 

We love how Valor Elite Training gave its clients such a thoughtful and useful gift to ring in the New Year. You can be sure that we’ll see many people repping these new tote bags as they shop around town!

These are two excellent examples of how our clients have been creative in addressing this new phase of Fort Collins’ Disposable Bag Ordinance. We hope that you find yourself inspired to think outside the box when it comes to promoting your business and building relationships with your customers and clients. 

The Mantooth Company is proud to work with such wonderful clients!

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