Good Habits We Are Taking Out Of Covid


While it may seem like the coronavirus pandemic will last forever, life will, eventually, get back to normal. This pandemic has made everyone change up their routine, but some of the lifestyle changes brought about by COVID-19 are worth keeping.

We have made a list of our favorite healthy habits we will continue long after the pandemic ends!

Overall Cleanliness

It’s no secret that COVID has made us much more aware of germs in day-to-day life. Remember when we couldn’t purchase hand sanitizer or disinfectant wipes because they were sold out everywhere? Wiping down high-touch surfaces and having a bottle of hand sanitizer on you at all times has become the new norm. All of the Mantooth staff agrees that the overall increase in cleanliness is a great thing we should continue!

Getting Outside

With so many public spaces, including offices, shut down, many people were able to take the time to get outside. Madison Sepanik, our Marketing Manager, said “At the beginning of COVID, I spent so much time in my backyard. I try to maintain that. I committed to 1000 outdoor hours this year, which breaks down to about three hours a day. So far I'm at 278 hours, but with camping and the 14'er season upon us, I'll catch up quick!”.

Taking Time For Self Care

Covid brought about the unique opportunity for everyone to slow down and focus on themselves. Whether it was focusing on mental health, going to the gym, or having a spa day, our Mantooth team took advantage of this opportunity.

Reconnecting With Family and Friends

The pandemic may have interfered with our social activities, but it didn’t stop us from reconnecting with our family and friends. Stay at home orders made many of us spend more quality time with roommates and family members in our households, but it also gave us the time to reach out to those we had not spoken to or seen in a while. Ellie Crowley, our Marketing and Communications Project Manager, mentioned that she called her loved ones more during the pandemic and realized physical distance is only as big of a barrier as you let it be.

They say forming a new habit takes at least 60 days to become permanent, and we have had plenty of time. Whether you are committing to cleaning, care, personal connection, or the outdoors, we hope these lifestyle changes are with us for good!

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