Celebrate National Volunteer Month with Team Mantooth!


This National Volunteer Month, we wanted to take some time to highlight the many volunteer activities of our company and team members. We hope that this blog encourages you to get out in the community and do some good – this month and always!

Did you know that April is National Volunteer Month?

If you know anything about the Mantooth Company, you’re likely not surprised to hear that – as a company and as a team – there are few things we love more than volunteering our time for causes near and dear to our hearts. As a community-oriented, relationship-based marketing agency, most things that we do are centered around the betterment of our community. This also means that Mantooth tends to attract employees who are similarly passionate about doing good things for our corner of the world. 

This National Volunteer Month, we wanted to take some time to highlight the many volunteer activities of our company and team members. We hope that this blog encourages you to get out in the community and do some good – this month and always!

Read on to learn more about the volunteer activities of some of Mantooth’s team members. 


After over 27 years in existence, it would be impossible to recount all of various organizations and events Mantooth has volunteered time to. In the last year alone, Mantooth and its team members have donated time and resources to Colorado Youth Outdoors, Pathways Hospice, Catholic Charities, and Pretty Brainy. 

Mantooth’s biggest gift to our community was 25 years of the Lagoon Summer Concert Series. What a gift it was to offer this special event to Fort Collins for so many years!

After what felt like a long  hiatus due to COVID-19, the 2022 Lagoon Summer Concert Series was one to remember!


“In the past year, I have volunteered my time with several different organizations. I volunteered at the Gardens on Spring Creek working in the gardens. I volunteered with WomenGive, and also with CSU Athletics – specifically for the 2022 CSU Ladies Huddle!”

Connie regularly volunteers her time to WomenBuild with Habitat for Humanity. Her pink hard hat is one of our favorite office decorations!


“I have deep relationships within the nonprofit community. I have served on the boards of Habitat for Humanity and ChildSafe Colorado. I’ve volunteered for numerous organizations including  Fort Collins Symphony, Bas Bleu Theatre, Community Foundation of Northern Colorado, Legacy Land Trust (now Colorado Open Lands), Poudre School District, Better Business Bureau and more! I also advise many nonprofits on strategies for effective communication.”

Mishelle served as the chair for Bas Bleu Theatre’s Mardi Gras event. Can you spot Mantooth’s masked Marketing Maven in this photo?


“I often volunteer at local races, in order to help support and ‘pay back’ those who help me when I’m the one running. I normally assist at Green Events and Gnaar Runners events. I can be found helping with packet pickup, post-race help, and even trail cleanup. Prior to moving to Fort Collins, I used to assist at local running events in the DC-area.” 

Mel, far left, is an avid runner – if you're on the hunt for a training buddy, Mel’s your gal!


“When I was on the CSU Ski Team, we would volunteer with Realities for Children to set up their annual NightLights holiday display. My first year on the ski team, I got to go up on a lift to hang the lights that create the Big Blue Tree. My second year, I got to help with setting up the day of the tree lighting event.”

The Realities for Children’s NightLights tree stands at over 50 feet tall, and is made up of more than 32,000 lights!


“I have volunteered at the Larimer Humane Society for over 6 years. I spend time cleaning cat cages, feeding cats, and primarily giving them the love and affection that they deeply deserve! This helps the cats to feel less scared. I also have a soft spot for bunnies, as I had my own bunny when I was young. I love cuddling with them and giving them pets and kisses to help them feel comfortable. It can be hard work, but it is so worth it to see that the animals are happy and safe.” 

Emery often volunteers at the Humane Society with her mom. Talk about a wonderful mother-daughter bonding activity!


“I have been presented with meaningful volunteer opportunities overseas, where I have had the privilege of teaching English to young people in Central & Eastern Europe. Most recently, I spent several months living in Albania. While I was there,  I got to help plan and organize youth camps and activities for students. This upcoming summer, my husband and I have the privilege of leading a small team of college students to teach English at a youth camp in the Czech Republic!” 

Micaela spent time backpacking through Llogara, a national park located near the southern coast of Albania. According to historians, Julius Caesar led his army through this very area in 48 B.C. The cobblestone trail is called “Caesar’s Pass” by locals!

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