Benefits of Using Personality Tests in the Workplace


The entire Mantooth Company team recently took time to engage in a bit of professional development – this opportunity was particularly fun for us, as it was in the form of a personality test! 

The entire Mantooth Company team recently took time to engage in a bit of professional development – this opportunity was particularly fun for us, as it was in the form of a personality test! 

The 16 Personalities Test, also known as the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator, is one of the most widely used personality tests in the world – over 582,971,430 tests have been taken to date. This tool is designed to identify an individual’s personality type, strengths, weaknesses, preferences, relational habits, behaviors and more. 

Most of us here at Mantooth had taken this test – or one similar to Myers-Briggs – in the past, but we decided to sit down and take it together. And we’re so glad that we did, because discussing our results helped us to better understand both ourselves and each other as coworkers!

Benefits of Using Personality Tests in the Workplace

It’s no secret that your personality type affects everything that you do – your personal life, your relationships, and your career are all informed by who you are! This means that having self-awareness of your personality – and especially your strengths and weaknesses – is incredibly important to both your personal and professional success. 

When we lack awareness of who we are and how we operate, our growth is limited; this is why there are tools (such as personality tests) which open the door to objective self-awareness.  Personality tests are especially useful in the workplace, because they allow a team of people to more fully understand the other members of their group, and what roles they naturally fill.  Knowing the personality type of your coworker may enable you to relate to them in a more kind and effective way – and on the flipside, your coworkers may be able to relate to you better when they know more about what drives and inspires you. 

Knowing –and understanding – your personality type also helps you to make the most out of your professional potential. When given the opportunity to see yourself more objectively through a list of tendencies, both positive and negative, you can spot opportunities for personal growth. This can even help you to avoid burnout, as you are given more insight into what motivates and discourages you.

Personality tests – especially when utilized in the workplace – can provide each of us with a roadmap for success, as we all learn how to better navigate our personal and professional lives. 

The Many Personalities of the Mantooth Team

If you’re curious what personalities make up the Mantooth team, take a look below! Click each personality type for an in-depth description of each type’s strengths and weaknesses. 

Connie Hanrahan, Founder, Chief Relationship StrategistINTJ-A

Melea O’dell, Director of MarketingINFJ-T

Linda Shoemaker, CFO, Queen of FinanceISFP-T

Mishelle Baun, Communications & Marketing MavenESFJ-A

Ellie Crowley, Marketing & Communications StrategistENFJ-A

Liv Rahn, Creative & Marketing Specialist –  ISFJ-T

Rachel Rasmussen, Marketing Project Manager - INTJ-T

CJ Jewell, Web Design & Brand DevelopmentENTJ-A

Olivia Johnson, Associate Social Media CoordinatorENFJ-A

Micaela McConahy, Social Media & Design InternENFJ-A

Emery Vischer, Marketing Intern INFJ-T

Kennedy Stanford, Public Relations Intern  INFJ-A

Sami DeMers,  Imaging & Content Intern ESFJ-T 

If you’re interested in taking a personality test for yourself, click here

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